day 1 (Oslo)
day 2 (Svalbard)
day 3 (Spitsbergen)
day 4 (Walrus)
day 5 (Fann Kapshaw)
day 6 (Polar Bears)
day 7 (More Bears!)
day 8 (Glaciers)
day 9 (Settlements)
day 10 (Going home)

More bears than we can shake a stick at!

Bears, more bears, and even MORE bears. They were out in force today! Seirously -- we spent the whole day either on deck, hanging over the rail taking pictures of bears that walked right up to the ship, or sitting inside to warm up and watching the teeny tiny "pixel bears" as they walked towards us.

By the end of the trip, we had seen 62 separate bears. Sixty-two. A number that had even our captain and the staff just gawking. Usually, a week-long trip may see five or six. We saw ten times that. I'm pretty sure we were awake for more than 24 hours.

  • Rolling on the ice to cool off
  • Bear on the pack ice
  • Smelling breakfast, and coming close to investigate
  • Pretty close. And no one fell off the ship.
  • A curious polar bear cub
  • Probably a two year old cub
  • We got boring, so he lft
  • They can move very quickly on the ice and in the water
  • IN the quiet morning, before breakfast, gliding past icebergs
  • Staring over the side, looking for stuff
  • Sea ice
  • Ice as far as we can see
  • Cutting through the ice
  • It's morning, or evening, or afternoon. Who can tell?
  • Another bear smelling our breakfast
  • Lazy bear