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Islands of Ice

We weren't able to completely circumnavigate the island, so we had to spend a bit of time retracing our steps to go back through the archipelago and a clearer path. The weather just didn't cooperate.

But we did spend a while this afternoon near one of the smaller islands, completely covered in and ice cap that slowly oozes off the land into the sea like melting ice cream. We also learned why the ice is that odd blue/turqoise color -- it's because it's compressed to much by the weight of the ice above it. The is so heavy and moves so slowly that it squashes all the air out of the ice below, and it only starts to expand again when it reaches the surface. Rather like the head on a glass of beer.

Some of the newer pieces in the water are almost like chunks of blue glass. It's gorgeous.

  • Sailing up to only a few feet away from the ice wall
  • It's 10pm. Seriously.
  • Waterfalls off the ice sheet