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The facade of Doune Castle
The facade of Doune is dominated by the tall tower that was probably much taller when it was originally built

It's hard to get an idea of how tall this tower is, but it is by far the tallest complete tower that we saw. Tantallon is actually taller, but much less complete.

Decorative stonework inside the castle
Decorative ashlar corner and windows on the inside of the castle tower and hall

The rear curtain wall and small grounds
The relatively small grounds of the castle, with the oddly placed windows on the rear curtain wall. The castle well is in the right foreground.

The caretaker joked that they must have changed the plans of the castle several times to account for the strangely spaced and fitted windows in the rear curtain wall. It does look a bit schizophrenic.

Scaffolding the repairs, the first in 600 years
Scaffolding the tarps for the repointing of the parapet walk and hall, the first repairs in 600 years

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¼ mile south-east of Doune
south of A820
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