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Duffus from the outer moat
From a distance (out near the moat), Duffus looks like a jagged tower sinking into the ground

I wish we could have seen Duffus from the air. The outer ditch is enormous and, I think, nearly round. The ground slopes up steeply to the tower, but from the edges of the grounds, it looks as if the castle is slowly sinking in quicksand. Inside, the tower itself sits on a steep hill. It must have been nearly impossibly to get to the base of the tower from the inside or the outside. Despite its location on low ground, the man-made hill proved to be substantial protection.

The main tower from the inner courtyard
Even inside, the motte slopes steeply up to the tower

The intact wall of the castle
The thick outer wall is undergoing repairs

The bailey from the tower itself
Looking down on the foundations of the outbuildings from the tower mound

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Old Duffus
3 miles north-west of Elgin
Between B9012 and B9135
1 ½ miles from Duffus
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