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A great big highland cow
Highland Cows are really huge!

I had to wait until almost the end of our vacation -- on the Isle of Skye -- to finally see Highland Cows close up. They were just grazing near the road, no fences, nothing. I started walking towards them to take pictures, asking Mark, "How close to them can I get? Do they, like, charge or anything? How fast are cows?" They're quite large, but seem docile enough, although I didn't get too close.

A couple of very cute, very fuzzy, Highland Coo

I asked Mark whether he thought they'd charge me, and how fast a cow could run. At the time he didn't say anything, but later told me that he was thinking "Well, I don't know how fast a cow is, but I'm sure we'll see just how fast Robin can go if they start to move!"

Highland Cows
Another shaggy highland cow

And yet more cows
nyaa! nyaa!

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