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View from the destroyed town of Rossal
Site of the destroyed town of Rossal, burnt in the Highland Clearances

We stumbled across this bridge -- a tiny suspension bridge across a fast-moving creek -- while we were lost in the Highlands. How we can get lost when there are only one or two roads is a bit surprising, but we managed it. So, while trying to figure out where on earth we were, we found this pleasant spot. The bridge is very bouncy -- and I actually went across first while Mark took pictures. I was halfway across the swaying span before I really thought about it. Eeep!

Mark, starting back across the bridge
Mark walking back across the tiny bridge

This is the site of the destroyed village of Rossal. The village was cleared out and destroyed when the English took over much of the highland lands, evicting the Scots farmers. The village was burned to the ground.

Mark holding on across the bridge
He's holding on now, the bridge bounces alarmingly!

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