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We thought that we were getting pretty good at driving in Scotland -- we were staying on the left, handling roudabouts, dealing with passing places.. and then we found this one. On the map, this road is perfectly straight (you know, a lot of roads are perfectly straight on the map...). First, we started out on this narrow road, barrelling along, and then the stone walls started on each side of the road. That's not so unusual -- most roads in the country have stone walls on either side.

But then, they started getting taller... and winding.

The road is just about wide enough for one car and maybe a bicycle!

We were waiting to get squished by a giant truck coming the other way, but had to stop and take pictures...I stood in the sunroof and snapped pictures crazily while we ran through it twice!

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Near Nunraw Abbey,
o t h e r   l i n k s

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