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Oncoming traffic in middle of RoadThis is my FAVORITE road sign of all time. Thanks for warning us!

Surprise! Ok, just what on earth is this supposed to mean? We decided it meant 'surprise in the road' -- and in our odder moments thought that there was probably a committee somewhere deciding what the surprise of the day was!

Rhino Someone did a pretty good job on this one...

Sheep A much more normal sheep sign. This is probably the most common sign that we saw -- that and signs that asked us to 'watch out for lambs'.

Planes? Ummm...low flying planes? The runway crosses the road? What?? It was near an air force base...but we were a bit perplexed.

Frog Crossing This was the sign that started the strange habit of photographing road signs. We nearly caused an accident making a u-turn to snap the 'frog crossing' sign.

Disabled Drivers We haven't a clue what this is supposed to mean. Disabled drivers in wagons? What is that supposed to mean?

Amphibious Cars Obviously, amphibious cars required.

Yellow Surprise Another variation of the 'surprise of the day' sign, this time a bit more exciting in yellow. They never seemed to have any explanation to go along with them.


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