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gorgeous scenery on the Isle of Skye
Gorgeous scenery across the water to Skye

We spent two days in Skye (including our stay at the Atholl hotel with the helicopter crew). Even though it was gray and rainy on both days, it was still one of the most beautiful places we visited. The Skye Bridge makes visiting even easier and it's a gorgeous drive along the coast to see Kilt Rock and Duntulm Castle, Dunvegan Castle, and Armadale Castle.

Green coast of Skye
The unbelievably green coast on the Isle of Skye

I wish that we had spent more time on the eastern coast and the western isles. We sort of worked our way around from the east to the west and we missed a lot of the little islands that are so beautiful out here, including Mallaig and Iona. Our next trip, we're starting out on the western coast and working our way up from Ayrshire to the Highlands.

Coastline of Skye
More of the coastline of Skye

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