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Towards Foindle
Looking out to the loch past Foindle and Tarbet

I'll admit that we wandered off down this little tiny road for two reasons -- one: you have to drive somewhere where there are not one, but two, signs warning you about the Bull. Two: You just have to visit a place called FOINDLE.

The entire town of Foindle
The booming metropolis of Foindle, which I think is "Foindle Farm"

Tarbet and Foindle are just teensy little towns on a small spit of land out into the Loch. A dozen houses cluster down near the end of the pier, offering small boat rides out to see seals, which are apparently common here. We didn't go on the tour, but we did drive all over the winding roads just for the scenery.

Stunning view of the Loch
A stunning view out over the Loch near Tarbet

Mostly, this area is cow pasture -- although we never did find the bull we were warned about -- with a small ferry that heads out to see seals and other sealife. One of the roads here was steep enough that we were warned of a 'blind summit'. We reached the top and couldn't see a thing over the top until we went over. Yehaa!

The infamous sign. We never did see the bull

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