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The rolling stratharrock hills
View of the Stratharrock Hills from General Wade's Road

These rolling hills are covered in heather in the spring, and the views from the tiny single-track road are worth stopping for since they seem to go on forever. Scotland is not a very big country (less than 300 miles from north to south, and as little as 70 or so wide in places), but it has some amazing areas in the Highlands that stretch as far as you can see in all directions.

Looking east from the summit of the hill
Looking east out over the mountains in the southern highlands

The road through these hills is a continuation of General Wade's army road, which runs along the eastern shore of Loch Ness and back up past Inverness. It must be gorgeous when the heather is in bloom. Right now, a bit brown, but worth a stop nonetheless.

We stopped here, along with a tour bus full of German tourists and a half-dozen bicyclist to have a quick snack from the vendor parked by the side of the road. Then, in an effort to get in front of the slow, lumbering bus, we bolted out in front of them while the driver was trying to get everyone back on the bus!

The road through the hills
General Wade's military road, heading north through the Stratharrock Hills

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South of Inverness
West of Loch Ness

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