p h o u k a   h o m e i r i s h   l e s s o n s   h o m e


Book I



  Chuir siad (chuireadar) iongantas (iongnadh) orm ~ chomh maith 's bhíú siad (is bhíodar) khur she-udh (khuradar) eenthus (oona) urrum ~ ho/ moh iss vee shee-udh (iss vee'-udhar They surprised me ~ how good they were
  Bheadh iongantas (iongnadh) ort ~ dá mbeitheá i láthair vehuch eenthus (oona) urth ~ dhaw mehaw (mehfaw) i lawhir You would be surprised ~ if you were present.




  Nách orm atá an leisge? noch urrum athaw un leshkeh How lazy I am!
  Sílim nach tuirse atá ort ~ ach leisge. sheelim noch thursheh athaw urth ~ och leshkeh I think it is not tired you are, ~ but lazy
  Is trom an t-ualach an leisge iss thrum (throom) un thooluch un leshkeh Lazieness is a heavy load
  Ualach giolla na leisge ooluch gilla na leshkeh A lazy man's load
  Cuir díot an leisge agus bí ag obair kur djeeth (deeth) un leshkeh oggus bee eg ubbir Put off the lasizness and be at work.
  Is mór an náire ghuit ~ a bheith chomh leisgeamhail sin iss mo/r un nawireh ghuitch (ghuit) ~ a veh ho/ leshg-yool shin It is a great shame for you ~ to be so lazy.




  Bíonn uigneas orm 'san áit sin. bee-un oo-igness urrum sun aw'-itch (aw-it) shin I am usually lonely in this place.
  Is orm a bhí an t-uaigneas ~ an chéad uair ~ a d'fhág mé an baile iss urrum a vee un thoo-igness ~ un khaed oo-ir ~ a dhawg mae un bolleh 1 It is I who was lonely ~ the first time~ I left home
  Beidh uaigneas orainn nuair a imtheachas tú (a imtheochair) bae (beg) oo-igness urring noor a im-ho/'-uss thoo (a im-ho/ir) We shall be lonely when you go away
  Bhí uiagneas ar an gcailín mbocht ~ bhí sí a' caoineadh [a' gol] vee oo-igness err un golleen 1 muchth ~ vee shee a ku/-eena 2 [a gull] The poor girl was lonely ~ she was crying




  Ná dean sin ~ nó beidh aithméal (cathughadh) ort naw djeeun (deeun) shin ~ noo bae (beg) af-fael [ko/h-hoo] urth. Do not do that ~ or you will regreat it.

1. Liquid "ll" as in "brilliant"
2. Pronounce u/ very short and run it into the next vowel.

note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English


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