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Insight Guide: Egyptian Map

This laminated and colorful map is sold as an adjunct to the Insight Guides, and has the same photographic content and bright, lively feel as the books do. It's a good reference for the major site (Saqqara, Giza, and Memphis are detailed nicely), but it is not meant as a street map in any sense of the word.

Actually, in retrospect, best map of Cairo that we found was in the Semiramis hotel, and came out of a local magazine.

If you are looking for a general idea where the major cities are, and what things there are to see in them so you can plan a general scope of your travel, then this is a good choice. It's not a cheap map, but it's nigh-on indestructible and you can write on it with dry-erase markers to track your progress.

The new spate of laminated or plastic-y maps have been a great help to me, as I routinely mark up maps during our trips with our routes, highlights, and other points of interest.

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