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0900-1600 daily
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E£10 students
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avoid Friday, Sunday (crowded)

can also be reached by camel for E£150 (3 hours)
or by horse for E£100
(2 hours)

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Most of the sites in Egypt are vast, covering square miles of barren ground marked only by a few wooden signs and vague shapes under the sand.

Most of Saqqara is the same. Saqqara was the original necropolis for the early pharaohs, and is Egypt's largest archeaological site. It was used until the 4th Dynasty (2613-2494 BCE) . It was replaced by the Giza necropolis.Early burials here are in vast fields of mastabas and later monuments.

Saqqara is best known as the location of Zosers Step Pyramid and Funerary Complex, but there are many other intersting monuments in the area.

North Saqqara contains many monuments, and we spent only a few hours here -- not enough to really take in everything. Most tours stop here for only an hour or so, just enough to see the Step Pyramid and marvel at the closely fitted stones of the giant gates.

Do note, though, that most organized tours (nearly every hotel can arrange for a tour to Saqqara, and all tour companies offer it) will make a stop at one of the large carpet factories along the way. It can be a high-pressure sales gig, but don't get too worked up about it. If you're interested, the silk carpets are very reasonably priced (even after shippinga nd customs, I understand) and it can be an interesting stop. The kids making the carpets, though, will be loud and insistent about baksheesh...carry a bunch of small bills, if that's something you do.

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