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Our Itinerary, Sites

One of the reasons that we chose this tour from Ancient Adventures is that it really allowed us to see a tremendous number of sites and yet still gave us enough time to relax and wander about on our own. Yeah, a few of the 'outings' are a bit cheesy (I can't imagine that a Bedouin tribe taking a bunch of tourists out into the desert are doing so because they're intrigued by yet another bunch of privileged travellers) but they were certainly fun.

Note that we didn't see everything listed, because we often changed the plans for the day on the fly. Where we have pictures, I've linked to the pages for them.

Here's an outline of the sites in the itinerary:

Abu Ghurab Sun Temple of Niusserre
Abu Simbel Temple of Abu Simbel
Kings Wife Temple
Abu Sir Pyramids of Sahur, Neferirkare and Nuisserre
Mastaba of Ptahshepsis
Abydos Temple of Seti I
Alexandria Greco-Roman Museum
Roman Amphitheatre
Catacombs of Kom El Shouqafa
Pompey's Pillar

Botanical Gardens
Agha Khan Mausoleum
Temple of Isis at Philae
High Dam
Granite Quarries
Unfinished Obelisk
Kalabsha Temple
Roman Kiosk of Qertassi
Shrine of Ramses II, Beit el-Wali
Nubian Museum
Nubian Village
Tombs of the Nomarchs
Monastery of St. Simeone

Beni Hassan Tomb of Amenemhet
Tomb of Khumhotep
Tomb of Bakhet
Tomb of Kheti
Cairo Pyramids of Giza
Great Sphinx
Solar Boat Museum
Egyptian Museum
Mummy Room, Egyptian Museum
Coptic Churches
Beni-Ezra Synagogue
Citadel of Saladin
Mohammed Ali Mosque
Khan el-Khalili Bazaar
City of the Dead
Hanging Church
Church of St. Sergius
Church of St. Barbara
House of Ghouria
Dashur Bent Pyramid
Red Pyramid
Black Pyramid
Dendara Temple of Hathor
Edfu Temple of Horus
Esna Temple of Khnum
Fayoum Oasis Lake Qarun
Pyramid of Hawara
Temple of Amenemhat III
Karanis Temples and Agora
Kom Ombo Temple of Kom Ombo
Luxor Valley of the Queens
Temple of Hatshepsut
Valley of the Kings
Tomb of King Tut
Tomb of Seti I
Temple of Madinet Habu
Tomb of Nefertari
Tomb of Queen Tausert
Temple of Luxor
Luxor Museum
Tomb of Nakht
Tomb of Ramose
Temple of Karnak
Maidum Pyramid of Maidum
Seila Step Pyramid

Colossus of Ramesses II
Alabaster Sphinx
Temple of Ptah


Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser
Pyramid of Unas
Pyramid of Userkaf
Tomb of Teti
Tomb of Mereruke
Pyramid of Sekhemkhet & Ptahhotep
The Serapeum

Sharm el Sheikh Beach

Temple of Mut
Temple of Amun

Tell el Amarna Temple of Aten/Palaces
Ay's Tomb
Huya's Tomb
Tomb of Mery-Re I
Tomb of Mery-Re II
Tomb of Panhesy

Sound and Light Show Giza
Sound and Light Show Philae
Sound and Light Show Karnak
Sound and Light Show Abu-Simbel

Whirling Dervish Show
Bedeouin Dinner
Egyptian Family Social

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