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Temple of Queen Nefertiri - page 2

hathor-headed columns in the first hall

The inside of the tomb is also simpler than the King's temple, with only plain columns in the hall, and a single chamber before the sanctuary. The carvings here are very fine, and show Nefertari participating in offering rituals and show her being consecrated as a divine queen. The columns are Hathor-headed, the distinctive and oddly attractive human-cow blending that is found in many temples dedicated to this goddess.

However, the capitals of the columns are not really three dimensional -- they are cut in relief on the fronts of the six columns and top square columns covered in delicate bas reliefs.

offerings to the goddess

There are a number of theories around her role, which seems to be much more powerful than other queens. She may have wielded a significant amount of power on her own, possibly even as "God's Wife". Scenes inside show Nefertari being crowned by Anuket and Hathor.

The light penetrates into the columned chamber and illuminates the sanctuary, which has a gate and arched cornice leading to a small chamber. There is a ruined cow statue in the sanctuary and Nefertari's name protected by vultures.

into the sanctuary, from the columned hall

another relief of the queen, as Hathor (the horns and moon headdress)

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