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0700-1700 daily
E£12 entry
ferry from the dock in

E£20 for boat to
the island (6-8 people)

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Temple of Kalabsha, page 2

the island of Kalabsha (or peninsula, depending on the water level

There are stairs to the roof at either end of the pylon and inside the pylon itself are storage rooms, two on each side. The granite gate of the temple is in the Berlin Museum

the awkwardly-shaped courtyard and hypostyle hall

Inside, the temple is decorated with scenes of the pharaoh being blessed by Thoth and Horus and decrees from the local governors -- including one to expel the pigs from the temple in 249 CE. THere is also a large relief of a horseman in roman dress and a winged Victory, a very Greco-Roman image.

the king, offering to Mandulis


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