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Temple of Kom Ombo

The chambers leading to the sanctuary are each a little higher than the last, so the whole temple sort of rises to the sanctuary. Between the sanctuaries of the two temples is a secret passage, which the priests used to hide to speak for the gods. It was asccessible from under a crypt under the temple and it is likely that every temple had a simliiar chamber to fool the public. The reliefs on the innre walls were not finished, and show the many steps in creating the sculpture.

The outer corridor around the temple is covered in reliefs, and plenty of graffiti. ON one wall are representations of early medical instruments -- although it is assumed that they are instruments for the process of mummification, not necessarily treatment.

The nearby mammisi is mostly crumbled, and has interesting reliefs of a series of Ptolemys. A small chapel on the grounds contains mummified crocodiles -- the line to get inside can be a bit long. THey were found nearby, although our guide told us that they would indeed raise crocodiles here at the temple and mummify them after they died.

The temple is lit at night, although I would imagine that few boats spend the night here to allow people to see the temple. Nearly every visitor when we were there was from the road convoy.





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