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A Few Notes on "The Plan"!

Mark says that I'm one of few people to get an entire year's worth of enjoyment out of a three week vacation -- months beforehand collecting guidebooks, sticking pins into maps, writing down all the information that I find; months afterward putting the website together, researching the photo notes, and wrapping up the travelogue.

He's probably right. I justify it by imagining that someone, somewhere, is interested. Maybe I'm deluding myself and this is all some grand ego-stroke on my part, but I did get nice feedback on the previous travel site to Scotland. I can hope, right?

The Plan contains general ruminations on travel, how we plan the trip, what our criteria are, and the general disagreements and compromises two people have to make to travel together. It also contains information on screening travel agents and tour operators, as well as resource information for web travel planning, and the general sundries of Egyptian travel. Some of the topics include safety, dressing conservatively, driving, and tipping. [on to The Plan]


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