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The month of May, spent driving 'round Scotland (roughtly anti-clockwise)! This should be getting reasonably familiar to anyone who has seen the reports on any of our other trips (You can check out the first trip to Scotland, or Egypt or Ireland) . The layout is roughly the same -- links to the left to the various sections of the site: travelogue, planning hints, itinerary, and photos organized by site, date, and type. We visited about 150 castles, a couple of dozen abbeys, and few distilleries. Of course, there are quite a few pictures of the beautiful scenery and stunning views as we drove around, too.

As before, I've tried to keep pagesizes reasonable, but we took a boatload of pictures (somewhere around 4000, but don't worry, I'm not posting them all!) so please be patient. There's a separate page for each castle, abbey, or other site, and you can jump to the photos section to look through them. There are links from each travelogue page to the photos and i've made an index to the photo sites as well.

Since this is our second trip to Scotland (we spent almost a month there ten years ago and visited many of the major sites) I've also added a secondary index to all the Castles and Abbeys that we've visited--some of the links there will take you back to the first Scotland travelogue/photos.

Where to start?

If you want to just 'travel along with us' - start with the Travelogue. I'm a bit verbose, I've been told, so you've been warned. Start from the itinerary pages if you want to see how we wandered around (frankly, I'n sure if we'd kept the GPS on and tracked our progress, it would look like a drunken goat's trail.) If you just want to see the pictures, start on any of the index pages for photos. Easy!

I haven't put a complete section here for planning the trip -- the links and suggestions from the Scotland or Egypt trip wlil put you touch with airlines, accomodations systems, travel equipment, clothing, and other sundries. Even a desultory search of the web for scotland travel' returns thousands of hits. Swapping to Yahoo UK give a local look at cities and towns in Scotland. Google Local offers a look at services, restaurants, and other businesses in most large cities. And if you haven't checked out Google Earth, it's a wonder.


I probably delude myself that anyone else finds this as interesting as I do, but thanks for taking a look and I hope that you enjoy the site.

So, please enjoy, and send on any corrections, criticisms or comments!