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The castle from the opposite cliff
Dunnottar is strongly defended by cliffs and perilous pathways, seen here from the opposite cliff

It was drizzling seriously when we visited Dunnottar, but it only served to enhance the lush greenery on the top of this rocky outcropping. We scrambled over a fence and on a narrow sheep path to get to the opposite side of the crevasse to take pictures, being very careful to stay away from the edges. Again, no fences of any kind. Mark scrambled down the steep path to the beach to take more pictures, but I stayed up near the man-made caves.

The living quarters and outbuildings
A small complex of living quarters and outbuildings fill the castle grounds

The tower and crumbling hall
The main tower is well preserved, but a nearby hall is in ruins

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2 miles south of Stonehaven
east of A92
½ east of Dunnottar Mains

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