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The main entrance to the castle The chimneypiece and arched hearth of the kitchen
left: the easily defended entrance to the castle. right: the arched hearth and chimney of the bakery/kitchen are still standing

The current owners of the castle have restored parts of the complex, and they often fly in and land their helicopter on the grounds! They picnic here, and have family gatherings, but for the most part leave the castle open to visitors year round.

The delicate stone arch that once make up the fireplace still stands. I can't believe that a single row of arched stones has remained when the ten foot thick walls have crumbled elsewhere.

Dunnottar from the cliffs Dunnottar from the cliffs 2
Two views of the castle from the opposite cliffs

The painted and restored ceiling in the great hall
The painted and restored ceiling in the great hall

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2 miles south of Stonehaven
east of A92
½ east of Dunnottar Mains

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