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Million year old mountains near Dunbeg
Billion year old mountain ranges near Dunbeg, oldest in Britain

We were driving around in the Highlands and were literally floored by the expanse of the mountains around us. Driving from Thurso to Ullapool, we drove around the Kyle of Tongue and all the gorgeous lochs and glens.

Another view of the mountains
White quartzite peaks in a billion year old landscape

We stopped all the time just to pull ove rat the side of the road and stare at the mountains. We stopped near dunbeg to look at the vista of the mountains. The overlook boasted a huge plaque that read:

The prominent mountains on the skyline are remnants of reddish brown torridonian sandstone, topped by younger and harder white quartzite. Prolonged erison of the sandstone has exposed a 1000 million yeaar old "fossil" landscape in the underlying gray lewiston gniess of the foreground. These are the oldest surface rocks in britain, dated in parts ot 3000 million years

Mountain peak
A single, pinkish peak of the mountain ranges near Dunbeg

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