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A number of "pharaohs" are inserted into the chronology, although only Kitchen ascribes any times to them (and, as noted before, his chronology is often suspect)). However, a little is known about these rulers:


ruled 715-695 (Kitchen)

Manetho gives this ruler about 12 years, and asserts that he was "Ammeris the Nubian". He was placed in control of the north after Shebaka defeated Bakenranef (and burned him at the stake).

From Manetho, we place him first in the dynasty, followed by Stephinates.


ruled 695-688 (Kitchen)

Helck believes that Stephinates may be the son of Bakenranef (Bokshoris) and was probably a local ruler and vassal of the 25th Dynasty.

The name 'Stephinates' may be a greek form of Tefnakhte.


ruled 695-688 (Kitchen)

Manetho calls this ruler Nechopsos, and give him 6 years Kitchen, however, argues that he ruled for 16. Given that Kitchen seems to have a serious ulterior motive to make the dating of the later dynasties "fit" with the biblical references, I'm not sure who to believe. He was a local regent only, not a king over even a large chunk of Egypt.







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