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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Sebeqtawy 'He Who Blesses the Two Lands"
Nebty Name Sebeqtawy "He Who Blesses the Two Lands"
Golden Horus Name Sebeqtawy
Praenomen Neferkare "Beautiful is the Soul of Re"
Nomen Shabako
King Lists  
Alternate Names Shabako, shebaka, Shabaqo
Dates what's this?
egyptsite 712-698
von beckerath 713-698
grimal, arnold 716-702
redford 712-698
dodson 717-703
died c. 702 BCE
Predecessor Brother, Piye
Successor son Shebitku (possibly nephew)
Associated People
Father Kashta
Mother Pabatma
Wife Tabakenamun, "kings daughter and kings sister.
Wife Mesbat
Son Harenmakhet, out of Mesbat
Wife Queen Qalhata
Daughter Tantamani, our of Qalhata (possibly sister of Taharqo)
Son Shebitku Ipossibly)
Brother Piye
Burial Place
Steep-sided, small Pyramid in el-Kurru
Stela in Sait
Built in Thebes, Memphis, Abydos, Dendara, Esna, Edfu.
Enlarged Medinet Habu
Added to Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple

After his brother Piye ruled from Nubia, Shebaka once again move the center of government back to Memphis. Some chronologies mark Shebaka as the first king of the 25th Dynasty, since he held central control throughout his entire reign. Others flag Piye who re conquered rebel kings in the north, and some even assign the title "Founder" to Kashta, the first king of Napata.

Like his predecessor, Shebaka continued to deal with rebel rulers in other regions of Egypt, including Bakenranef, the last king of the Third Intermediate Period, from Sait. At the end of the conflict, he had Bakenranef burned at the stake. Politically, Shebaka continued to maintain political alliances and trade-offs with the northern and Assyrian kinds.

He was a more prolific builder than the previous pharaohs in the 25th Dynasty, and added inscriptions and chapels to temples in Thebes, Memphis, Abydos, Dendara, Esna, Edfu and others. Notably, he repaired the gate of the Fourth Pylon of Karnak and began work on the Second Pylon at Medinet Habu.

Shebaka's chief wife was Queen Tabakenamun who has the titles "Kings Daughter" and "Kings Sister". She was a priestess of Hathor and Mistress of Tepihu in Aphrodiitopolis, Priestess of Hathor in Dendara and also a priestess Neit

While his wife held all these exalted positions, he did not appoint one of his daughters to the position of "Gods Wife of Amun",despite the precedence of earlier pharaohs. He did appoint one of his sons as the High Priest of Amun.





Medinet Habu