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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Aaib
Nebty Name Neba
Golden Horus Name Qenu
Praenomen Wahibre
Nomen Psamtek "Husband of the God Metek"
Manetho Psammetichos, Psammetihus
King Lists  
Alternate Names Nebushezibanni, in Athribi , Psammetichus , Psamtik
Dates what's this?
Predecessor Nekau
Successor Nekau II
Associated People
Father Nekau I
Wife Queen Mehitenusekhet
Burial Place
Extended the Serapeum

Psamtek I reunited Egypt during his rule and ended the authority of the Nubian kings of the 25th Dynasty. He eliminated the local rulers in Lower Egypt and the Delta. He was probably the governor of Egypt for the Assyrian kings, and when they begin to fail, took control of Egypt as an independent ruler.

For a time, he ruled in Athribi with an Assyrian name, Nebushezibanni, and with support of mercenaries he gained control of the princes in the delta region. He took over Middle Egypt as well, ruling over Herakleopolis via regents (Padiset and Sematauiefankih) and eventually took control of Thebes. By placing his daughter Nitocris in the position of Divine Adorer of Amun in Thebes, he took control of the city and the government of Egypt.

In later years, Psamtek waged ware in Libya and Asia, as have pharaohs of Egypt for many centuries. He supported Assyria in wars against Babylon

He built a number of monuments in the Delta region, and was responsible for the extensions built for the Serapeum in Saqqara.




Psamtek I
Nekau II
Psamtek II
Psamtek III