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Dynasty Notes

The Middle Kingdom, which emerged from the chaos of the First Intermediate Period, is marked by an increase in foreign trade and enormous building projects. Egypt is in her first renaissance, and the prosperity led to some amazing monuments.

The Middle Kingdom marks the reunification of the country under Montuhotep (part of the 11th Dynasty still kept within the First Intermediate Period by some egyptologists) and the ousting of the kings of Herakleopolis.

The twelfth dynasty can be easily compared to the Old Kingdom rulers. It is marked by immense industrial development, building, literary masterpieces, and general prosperity in the country. Recognizing that the succession of the pharaoh was important to the continued stability of the country, this dynasty began a long series of co-regencies to facilitate the succession to the throne.

Dynasties Pharaohs
Dynasty XI Montuhotep II
Montuhotep III
Inyotef IV

Montuhotep IV
Dynasty XII Amenemhet I
Senusert I
Amenemhet II
Senusert II
Senusert III
Amenemhet III
Amenemhet IV




Dynasty XI
Dynasty XII