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Dynasty Notes

Extreme prosperity and a renaissance in art and build ling projects mark the beginning of the New Kingdom. The 18th Dynasty marks the high point of power in Egypt -- the Hyksos were defeated and ejected, Egypt is in a strong economic position with foreign trade and expansionist policies into nearby lands.

The 19th Dynasty beings the rise to power of the Rammesside royal dynasty, which began an unprecedented period of success in international affairs, a succession of able kings -- dominated by the notable pharaoh Ramesses The Great (Ramesses II). Wars and treaties with the successor of the Hyksos kings, the Hittites, continued. By now, Egypt was an ethnically diverse society and this is reflected in the artistic styles that rise during this period.

A series of Ramesses controlled the 20th Dynasty, but none of them reached the power or prestige of Ramesses II, and many of them ruled over a land that was failing rapidly. After Ramesses III, Egypt began to suffer economic problems and seemed to be unable to exploit the revolution of the Iron Age. Once again, a chaotic Third Intermediate Period arose.

Dynasty XVIII

Amenhotep I
Thutmose I
Thutmose II
Thutmose III
Amenhotep II
Thutmose IV
Amenhotep III
Amenhotep IV

Dynasty XIX

Ramesses I
Seti I
Ramesses II
Seti II

Dynasty XX Sethnakht
Ramesses III
Ramesses IV
Ramesses V
Ramesses VI
Ramesses VII
Ramesses VIII
Ramesses IX
Ramesses X
Ramesses XI





Dynasty XVIII
Dynasty XIX
Dynasty XX