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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Userkare "The Soul of Re is strong"
Nomen unknown
Manetho unknown
King Lists unknown
Alternate Names  
Dates what's this?
manetho not mentioned
piccione ?? -- 2382 BCE
von beckerath 2312-1230
allen 2291-2289
franke 2300
Predecessor Teti I, possibly usurped the throne
Successor Pepi I, son of Teti I
possibly a regent to Pepi I, associated with Queen Iput.
Associated People
Burial Place
none found

There is some evidence that Userkare murdered his predecessor, Teti I. A group conspired to murder Teti, and Manetho at least associates Userkare with his death. There is a small gap between the reign of Teti I and Pepi I, and the king lists show an erased gap between the kings where Userkare could fit.

He is not mentioned in some of the king lists, though, leaving egyptologists to believe that he was not a legitimate pharaoh -- but the other camp points towards his inclusion in the Turin and Abydos lists as a sign of his legitimacy. Regardless of how he took the throne, he remained there a very short time and was succeeded by Teti I's son, Pepi I. The coup, if there was one, was not successful. if Userkare was a regent for the young pharaoh, it was a short-lived

While there is a reference to a workforce in his tomb, no funerary monuments have been found. Certainly no pyramid complex was found associated with Userkare, which adds to the evidence that he was not a legitimate king. However, even though he is listed in only a few of the king lists he is quite well-attested by writings and other records.

It is possible that Userkare was a claimant to the throne from the Fifth Dynasty and was actually a rival to Teti. He took the throne when Teti died (murdered, Manetho says, by his bodyguards) he stepped in possibly because Teti's son, Pepi, was too young to rule.



Teti I
Pepi I
Merenre I
Pepi II
Merenre II
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