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Titulary what's this?
Praenomen Setepenre Meriamun "Chosen of Re, Beloved of Amun"
Nomen Philip, Phillipus
Dates what's this?
all 323-317/16
Predecessor Brother, Alexander the Great
Successor Alexander IV
Associated People
Father Philip II of Macedonia
Wife Eurydyce
Burial Place
Barque Sanctuary at Karnak
Hypostyle Hall at Temple of Thoth, Hermolpolis

Philip III was the half-brother of Alexander the Great -- and was an illigeitmate, half-wit as well. He never ruled by hiimself, instead the reins of control were held by Antepater, Perdyccas and Krateros on his behalf.

He was murdered at the behest of his grandmother, Queen Olympias and the throne was passed to the son of Alexander the Great, Alexander IV.



Alexander the Great
Philip II Arrhideaus
Alexander IV


Barque Sanctuary, Karnak
Hypostyle Hall, Temple of Thoth, Hemropolis