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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Hunu
Nebty Name Merynetjeruredinefjautenitef
Golden Horus Name Heqaemtadjeref
Praenomen Haaibre Setepenamun "Heart of Amun is Happy, Chosen of Amun", "Jubilant is the Heart of Re, Chosen of Amun"
Nomen Alexander
Alternate Names Alexandros, Alexander IV
Dates what's this?
all 317/16-310/09
Predecessor Philip Arrhideus
Successor Ptolemy I, Dynasty 33
Associated People
Father Alexander the Great
Mother Roxane
Burial Place

Alexander IV, while nominally the king of Egypt for about seven years, never actually visited Egypt.

He was imprisoned with his wife in 316 BCE by Cassandros, even though the end of his reign is usually extended to the begriming of Ptolemy I's reign. Alexander was murdered in 310 BCE (some say 311).



Alexander the Great
Philip II Arrhideaus
Alexander IV