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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Anedjib, "Safe of Heart"
Nebty Name Nebti Mer...
Manetho Meibidos, Neibais
King Lists Merbap, Merbapen, Meribiap
Alternate Names Adjib, Horus-Anedjib
Dates what's this?
manetho 26 years
turin canon 74 years
piccione 2949-2897 BCE
  2915-2905 BCE
krauss 2910/2890 BCE
von beckerath 2867-2861 BCE
malek 2832-2826 BCE
Predecessor Father Den
Successor Son Semerkhet (may have usurped)
Regent with Den
Associated People
Father Den
Queen Betrest
Son Semerkhet, out of Betrest
Prime Minister/Chancellor Nebitka
Burial Place
Tomb X in Abydos, a very small tomb with a burial chamber of wood and 64 subsidiary burials. It is one of the smallest royal tombs at 15.1 x 7.2 x 1.6 meters.  The burial chamber still had remnants of the wood floor in place when it was excavated.
Tomb of Nebitka at Saqqara, forerunner of the stepped pyramid

Like his father, Anedjib wore the double-crown of Egypt (the white crown of upper Egypt and the red crown of Lower Egypt) as a representation of his power over both regions. There is some doubt, however, that he really controlled the north, since there is evidence of constant rebellion. Anedjib, in an attempt to legitimize his rule, began to call himself "The Two Lords", probably in an attempt to underline that he was ruler over the entirety of Egypt even though the peoples of Egypt were divided by their worship of the gods Horus and Set.

Anedjib married Queen Betrest, as she was a descendent of the Memphite line of kings, which gave him legitimacy -- remember that many believe Egyptian "power" passes through the woman, so a son may not inherit the throne unless he is married to a woman with the right family. If this is the case, he may not be a legitimate son of Den. Some suggest that he may  have been an usurper and wasn't recognized by his contemporaries. The theory is supported by the fact that some of his inscriptions have been defaced and replaced with the name of the next king and his monuments were purposely defaced.

Anedjib's name is the first on the Saqqara king list, and it is possible that he is the first one not directly related to the Memphite kings (starting with Menes). We rely on Manetho for the lineage of most of the kings -- and frankly, sometimes the separation of the kings into dynasties seems a bit arbitrary.

Anedjib's tomb in Saqqara is a crude affair, and seems a step backwards from the architecture of the previous kings. However, mastabas build during his reign are beautiful and show signs of architectural advances.The large tomb of Nebitka (probably his prime minister) in Saqqara is considered a forerunner of the stepped pyramid of Djoser. In addition, several stone statues show that the tradition of making statues of the pharaoh had begun -- Anedjib is shown in a number of different garments and these statues probably stood in his temples.





Tomb X, Abydos
Tomb of Nebitka, Saqqara