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Dynasty Notes

Pre-dynastic Egypt marked the transition from nomadic tribes to a more traditional, settled society. From about 5500 BCE, burial customs are known, and we start to get a good picture of the culture that would spawn the millenia of Egyptian culture.

The pre-Dynastic period of Egyptian history is broken out into a few different periods. The "Primitive" Pre-Dynastic period marked the beginning of stoneworking and pottery, jewerly and other artifacts. The "Old" Pre-Dynastic (from about 4500 BCE) was known as Naqada I (named for the primary site of artifacts from this period, Naqada. Following Naqada I is (of couse!) Naqada II.

Writing developed during this period, although it was still simplistic pictograms and phonograms. It is from these first attempts at writing that we have information about the first "kings" of Egypt -- Scorpion and Crocodile and Narmer and the rest. This dynasty (usually called 0 or even 00) is roughly 3250 -- 3050 BCE.

About 3400 BCE, the kingdom of the "Red Land" is established in the norht, and the kingdom of the "White Land" is established in the south. These two lands are ruled by two different kings. It is not until Narmer that the two lands are unified.

Dynasty Pharaohs
Dynasty 0/00 sekhem
scorpion I
scorpion II




Dynasty 0/00