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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name

Nakhtnebtepnefer "Horus, the victorious one, Lord of the good beginning"

Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen unknown
Nomen Antef, Intef
King Lists Antef, Intef
Alternate Names Antef III, Intef III, Inyotef III, Injotef III
Dates what's this?
turin canon reigned 8 y ears
piccione 2069--2061 BCE
egyptsite 2069--2060 BCE
  2015 -- 2007 BCE
von beckerath 2054-2046
malek 2058-2050
grimal 2069-2061
redford 2068-2061
dodson 2074-2066
franke 2016-1008
Predecessor Inyotef II
Successor Son Mentuhotep II, out of Aoh
Associated People
Father Inyotef II
Wife Aoh
Son Mentuhotep II, out of Aoh
Daughter Nefereu, married to Mentuhotep II
Wife Henite
Burial Place
Rock-cut tomb in Thebes

Inyotef III defended the enlarged kingdom his predecessor left him, and fought off the Herakleopolitan forces in Abydos. It does not appear that the king either gained or lost territory during his reign to the kings of the 9th and 10th Dynasties (who ruled concurrently with him in other regions.) Of course, he only reigned about eight years, so his impact on history is minimal.

FOr the most part, Inyotef III was bets known as the father of Mentuhotep II, the uniter of Egypt in the 11th Dynasty. His relationship with his predecessor,Inyotef II is not known

Inyotef III is buried in a tomb in Thebes, next to Inyotef II, near Deir el-Bahri. It is near this site that his successor built his mortuary temple.



Mentuhotep I
Inyotef I
Inyotef II
Inyotef III