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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name

Wah-ankh "Horus, enduring of life"

Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen unknown
Nomen Antef, Intef
King Lists Antef, Intef
Alternate Names Intef II, Inyotef II, Antef II, Injotef II
Dates what's this?
turn canon reigned 49 years
piccione 2118 -- 2069 BCE
egyptsite 2117 -- 2069 BCE
  2064 -- 2015 BCE
von beckerath 2103-2054
malek 2107-2058
grimal 2118-2069
redford 2118-2068
dodson 2123-2074
franke 2065-2016
Predecessor older brother Inyotef I
Successor Inyotef III (possibly brother or son?)
Associated People
Father Mentuhotep I "The Elder"
Brother Inyotef I
Wife Queen Neferukayet
Burial Place
Rock-cut tomb in Thebes (Saff el-Kisasija)

Inyotef II followed his brother (also named Inyotef) to the throne, and kept the capitol in Thebes during his reign. Despite a reign of almost half a century, little is known about the king except his military expeditions and, surprisingly, his dogs.

The civil war continued with the Herakleopolitan kings, and Inyotef led his army against them in Assyut. The Herakleopolitan's destroyed Thinis and desecrated tombs there. While Inyotef did manage to capture the entire nome, he eventually made peace with the Herakleopolitan in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the southern part of the kingdom. In the south, Inyotef II managed to extend the borders to the First Cataract, the traditional border Ancient Egypt. IN the north, he conquered lands up past Abydos.

Inyotef II was buried in a rock-cut tom in Thebes, next to his older brother and predecessor, Inyotef I. In h is tomb chapel, a stela was found with a relief of the pharaohs with his dogs that is described in the later part of the 20th Dynasty. Par of the stela remains in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The stela is well-known because it shows his favorite dogs and their non-egyptian names, with Egyptian translations. These are probably the oldest representations of dogs that we have names for.

They are - Behekay (Egyptian Mahedj), meaning "gazelle"; Abaqer, meaning "greyhound"; and Pehetez (Egyptian Kemu), meaning "black".



Mentuhotep I
Inyotef I
Inyotef II
Inyotef III