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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kheperkheperu, "Horus, the Transformation of Transformations"
Nebty Name Sehebtawy "The Two Ladies, Who has Festively Adorned wht Two Lands"
Golden Horus Name Sekhemnetjeru, "The Golden Falcon, Powerful One of the Gods"
Praenomen Maakherure, "The Voice of Re is True"
Nomen Amenemhet "Amun is at the Head"
Manetho Amemmenes
King Lists  
Alternate Names Amenemhat
Dates what's this?
manetho reigned 8 years
turin canon reigned 9 years, 3 months, 27 days
piccione 1797-1763
egyptsite 1772-1763
von beckerath 1807-1798
malek 1814-1805
grimal 1797-1790
redford 1798-1790
dodson 1798-1785
arnold 1799-1787
franke 1773-1764/3
Predecessor Father Amenemhet III
Co regent with father Amenemhet III
Successor half-sister Sobeknefru
Associated People
Father Amenemhet III
Burial Place
Added to Medinet Maadi
Pyramid complex at Mazguna

Amenemhet IV is probably the son of Amenemhet III, although he may actually be a grandson. He was quite old when he took the throne, due to the long reign of Amenemhet III. He had no male heir, and most chronologies show him succeeded by his half-sister (or possibly aunt) Sobeknefru. It is generally believed that he was married to her as well.

Manetho says he ruled for only 8 years , which is confirmed by the amount of time the Turin canon notes. The short time is confirmed by a few sources, and it probably supports the idea that he was well into middle age when he took the throne.

From inscriptions, we know that he continued to maintain the Egyptian presence in Nubia, although he did not appear to work at expanding the boundaries. Not much else is known about his reign or the building projects of his reign.

The South Pyramid at Mazguna is often attributed to Amenemhet IV, although no name has been found to attribute the monument to anyone. The dating was done on stylistic grounds only, and when the pyramid was investigated in 1910 little else was found. He also completed his father's temple at Medinet Maadi and built a small temple at Qasr el-Sagha.



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Senusret I
Amenemhet II
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Senusret III
Amenemhet III
Amenemhet IV


Pyramid, Mazguna
Medinet Maadi