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Dynasty Notes

The rulers of Egypt have been separated into 33 separate dynasties. Most of our information about the dynasties -- and the traditional chronology and content of them -- comes from Manetho. In most cases, he changed from one dynasty to antoher because of family lines, political changes or changes of location for the capitol or ruiling family.

In some cases, we have no idea why he broke the dynasty chronologies as he did and some few seem pretty artbitrrary, at least to me.

However, below is a shortcut list to the major dynasties of Egyptian pharaohs. From each dynasty page, you can walk through the chronology, pharaoh by pharaoh, or jump around to see who you are interested in. For a complete list, see the pharaoh index to this site to find a particular pharaoh.

Egyptian Dynasties
dynasty 0/00    
dynasty 1 dynasty 12 dynasty 23
dynasty 2 dynasty 13 dynasty 24
dynasty 3 dynasty 14 dynasty 25
dynasty 4 dynasty 15 dynasty 26
dynasty 5 dynasty 16 dynasty 27
dynasty 6 dynasty 17 dynasty 28
dynasty 7 dynasty 18 dynasty 29
dynasty 8 dynasty 19 dynasty 30
dynasty 9 dynasty 20 dynasty 31
dynasty 10 dynasty 21 dynasty 32
dynasty 11 dynasty 22 dynasty 33




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