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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name

Sekhem-khau  "Horus, Powerful of Apparitions", or "The Power has Appeared"

Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Shepseskare "The Soul of Ra is noble"

User-Netsher "The god is strong" or
Netjer-weseru "The Strong One of the God"

Manetho Sisires
King Lists Shepseskare
Alternate Names Schepseskare, Chepseskare
Dates what's this?
manetho reigned 7 years
turin canon reigned 7 years
piccione 2495--2488 BCE
egyptsite 2426--2419 BCE
krauss 2465-2460
von beckerath, allen 2438-2431
malek 2425-2418
redford 2483-2475
dodson 2442-2435
Predecessor Father Neferirkare Kakai
Successor Brother Neferefre
Associated People
Father Neferirkare Kakai
Mother khentkawes II
Brother Neferefre
Burial Place
Unfinished Pyramid at Abu Sir, between pyramid of Sahure and Sun Temple of Userkaf

Shepseskare is not a well-known pharaoh. Very few documents refer to him, and it is known that he only ruled for a short time between Neferirkare and Neferefre. A few seal-impressions with his name show up at Abu sir, but these are about the only attestations to his reign that have been found.


Both t he Turin canon and Manetho agree that he ruled for 7 years, which seems to be the opinion of most egyptologists (even if they can't agree on which seven years he ruled). His name is also listed in the king list at Saqqara.

There is no written evidence that he built either  a pyramid or a sun temple along with the other pharaohs of the fifth dynasty. However, an unfinished pyramid between the pyramid of Sahure and the Sun Temple of Userkaf have been credited to him based on some inscriptions.  The reference to his name was found in the mortuary temple of his successor, Neferefre.  Considering that the pharaohs of this dynasty spent most of their tie finishing or enlarging the monuments of their predecessors, he probably  just ran out of time to build his own.

The unfinished pyramid is just north of the complex of Sahure, and was discovered in the 1980s. It mostly consists of earthworks, as work was stopped as soon as Shepseskare died and his brother Neferefre took the throne. The foundation was in place, but little else. From the size of the foundations and markings, though, it was planned as the largest pyramid in he Abu Sir field.

Like his brother Neferefre, Shepseskare incorporated both his "king name" and "birth  name" into his cartouche.



Neferirkare (Kakai)


Unfinished Pyramid,
Abu Sir