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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Djedkhaw
Nebty Name Aashefitemtawnebu
Golden Horus Name Aakhepesh-hupedjetpesdjet
Praenomen Djedkaure " Enduring is the Soul of Re"
Nomen Shabitko, Shebitku
King Lists  
Alternate Names  
Dates what's this?
eygyptsite 698-690
von beckerath 698-690
grimal, arnold 702-690
redford 705-690
dodson 703-690
Predecessor Father Shebaka
Successor Brother Taharqa
Associated People
Father Shebaka
Mother possibly Tabakenamun
Brother Taharqa
Son Tanutamen
Burial Place
el-Kurru, pyramid 18
Chapel at Karnak
Added to Luxor Temple

Where his father (or possibly his uncle) Shebaka had retained by power by appeasing the northern rulers (the Assyrians) wit political relations and cooperation, Shebitku turned the tables. He was no longer satisfied with simply keeping the Assyrians in the north, where they held power and preventing their advance further into Egypt. Shebitku actively resisted their control, asking his brothers, including Taharqa, to come north to Thebes to support him.

The army followed, and Shebitku's aggressive policy led them even tually to defeat the Assyrian forces in Palestine. If you believe the biblical stories, a plague in the Assyrian army saved the Egyptians from defeat -- Herodotus also claims that the Assyrians were defeated because a swarm of mice ate their weapons (!)

He was not quite the prolific builder of his father, but he did build a chapel by the holy lake at Karnak and added reliefs at Luxor Temple. He also added to buildings in Memphis and Kava.