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Tombs in Thebes, Valley of the Queens

There are roughly a hundred tombs in the Valley of the Queens. Not all of them are queens -- the sons and high officials of many pharaohs are buried here as well.

The most sought-after ticket in the valley is to see the tomb of Queen Nefertari (not to be confused with Nefertiti). This is probably the most beautiful tomb in the valley and years of work have restored the bright colors and inscriptions in the tomb. But, tickets are hard to get and the tomb closes without warning -- only 100 people a day are allowed inside, and even those people for only a few minutes apiece. The moisture from all the visitors breathing and sweating damages the delicate plaster and paintwork. It was closed when we went to the valley. It was, unfortunately, closed when we were there.

These tombs are no less ornate than those of the pharaohs in the next valley. In fact, many of the sons of pharaohs are buried here in elaborately decorated tombs.

The owners of all the tombs have not been identified, and only a few are open to tourists. I've listed the known tombs below. For a list of all the tombs in the valley, try the Theban Mapping Project, or

Click on the name of the pharaoh or queen for more information about them, click on the number of the tomb to view details about the tomb and pictures, if we were lucky enough to get inside.

# Owner Notes Dynasty
QV1-QV7 anonymous   18th
QV 8 Hori and anonymous princes 18th
QV17 Merytre and Urmerutes (princesses)   18th
QV18-QV23 anonymous   18th
QV24 anonymous   20th
QV25-QV29 anonymous   18th
QV 30 Nebry   18th
QV 31 anonymous princess or queen   19th
QV32 anonymous   18th
QV 33 Queen Tenedjemet   19th
QV 34 anonymous princess or queen   19th
QV 35 anonymous   18th
QV 36 anonymous princess or queen   19th
QV 37 anonymous   18th
QV 38 Queen Sitre wife of Ramesses I 19th
QV 39 anonymous   18th
QV 40 anonymous princess or queen   19th
QV 41   unfinished 20th
QV 42 Prince Paraherunemef son of Ramesses III 20th
QV 43 Prince Setherkhopshef son of Ramesses III 20th
QV 44 Prince Khaemwaset, son of Ramesses III   20th
QV 45   unfinished 20th
QV 46 Imhotep, vizier of Thutmose I   18th
QV 47 Princess Ahmose daughter of Sekenenre Tao, half-sister to Ahmose and Kamose. 17th
QV 48 anonymous   18th
QV 49 anonymous   19th
QV 50 anonymous   20th
QV 51 Queen Isistahemdjeret wife of Ramesses III 20th
QV 52 Quee Titi wife of Ramesses III 20th
QV 53 Prince Ramsesses-Meriamon son of Ramesses III 20th
QV 54   unfinished 20th
QV 55 Prince Amonherkhopshef son of Ramesses III 20th
QV 56   unfinished 19th
QV 57   unfinished 19th
QV 58 anonymous   19th
QV 59 anonymous   18th
QV 60 Queen Nebettauy daughter-wife of Ramesses II 19th
QV61-QV 65 anonymous   18th
QV 66 Queen Nefertari wife of Ramesses II 19th
QV 67 anonymous   18th
QV 68 Queen Meritamon daugther-wife of Ramesses II 19th
QV 69 anonymous   18th
QV 70 Nehesy   18th
QV 71 Queen Bint-Anath daughter-wife of Rameesses II 19th
QV 72 Prince Baki, princess Hatneferet   19th
QV73 Princess Hanuttawy daughter-wife of Ramesses II 19th
QV 74 Queen Tentopet daughter-wife of Ramesses II 19th
QV 75 Queen Henutmire daughter-wife of Ramesses II 19th
QV 76 Princess Merytre   18th
QV 77 anonymous   18th
QV 78 anonymous   18th
QV 79 anonymous   18th
QV 80 Queen Tuy, wife of Seti I 19th
QV 81 Heka   18th
QV 82 Prince Minemhat and Amenhotep   18th
QV 83 anonymous   18th
QV 84   unfinished 20th
QV 85   unfinished 20th
QV 86   unfinished 20th
QV 87 anonymous   18th
QV 88 Prince Ahmose   18th
QV89-QV94 anonymous   18th
QV 95   unfinished 20th


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