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Abydos King List

Most of the information that we have about the pharaohs of Egypt comes from a number of early writers -- Herodotus, Manetho -- and inscripions from each reign. There are a few "kinglists" that purport to provide a history of the pharaohs of Egypt by listing every pharaoh, with his full titulary.

One such list is the kinglist at Abydos, in the Temple of Seti. The walls of a narrow corridor list column after column of pharaohs. It is obviously not a complete list, and in some cases the chronology has been updated by recent egyptological evidence. Just remember that the "winners" get to write the history. Most notably, Queen Hatshepsut and the possible Queen Merneith are not included at all.

The Kings listed in Abydos includes:

  1. Meni (Established One)
  2. Teti
  3. Iti (The Soverign)
  4. Ita (The Soveriegn Vulture)
  5. Djaty (Two Estates)
  6. Mer-ba-pen\
  7. Semsem (Priest of Priests, or Ptah Priest)
  8. Qebh (Hawk-headed god of the south)
  9. Mdw-ti-umer
  10. Ka-kau (Soul of Bulls)
  11. Khnum-netjer-n (Sacred Ram)
  12. Uadj-nes
  13. Sen-di, or Sen-Dji (Feared One)
  14. Dja-dja-tepy (The head Chief)
  15. Nebka (Lord of the Souls)
  16. Djeser-za (Sacred Protection)
  17. Teti
  18. Z-Djes (I am my own man)
  19. Nefer-ka-re (Good Soul of Re)
  20. Snefru
  21. Khufu
  22. Djedef-re
  23. Khaf-re
  24. Men-kau-re
  25. Shepseskaf
  26. Userkaf
  27. Sahure
  28. Kakai (Neferirkare)
  29. Neferefre
  30. Niuserre
  31. Menkauhor (Kaiu)
  32. Djedkare (Isesi)
  33. Unas
  34. Teti
  35. Userkare
  36. Mery-re (Pepi I)
  37. Merenre
  38. Neferkare (Pepi II)
  39. Merenzamsaf
  40. Neterkare
  41. Menkare
  42. Neferkare
  43. Neferkaneby
  44. Djedkamaare (King of Herdsmen)
  45. Nefer-kakhendure
  46. Merenhor
  47. Sneferka
  48. Nekare
  49. Neferkatrure
  50. Neferkahor
  51. Neferkapepyseneb-re
  52. Nefer-ka-annu-re
  53. Neferkaure
  54. Neferkaure
  55. Naferkauhor
  56. Nefer-ir-kare
  57. Nebmedoore (Menuhotep I)
  58. Sankhkare (Mentuhotep II)
  59. Sehotepibre (Amenemhat I)
  60. Kheperkare (Senusret I)
  61. Nebkaure (Amenemhet II)
  62. Khakheperre (Senusret II)
  63. Khakaure (Senusret III)
  64. Nemaatre (Amenemhet III)
  65. Maakheru-re (Amenemhet IV)
  66. Neb-pehty-re (Amose I)
  67. Djeserkare (Amenhotep I)
  68. Aa-Kheper-kare (Tuthmose I)
  69. Aa-Kheper-en-re (Tuthmose II)
  70. Menkheperre (Tuthmose III)
  71. Aa-kheperu-re (Amenhotep II)
  72. Men-kheperure (Tuthmose IV)
  73. Neb-maat-re (Amenhotep III)
  74. Djeser-kheperu-re Setep-en-er (Horemheb)
  75. Men-pehty-re (Ramesses I)
  76. Men-maat-re (Seti I)


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