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near Zagazig
dawn to dusk, daily
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2nd intermediate period
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Royal Necropolis and Walls, page 2

One of the most interesting finds at Tanis are the remains of a huge colossus, rivalling the size of the huge statue that lies at the Ramesseum and in Memphis. The pieces are scattered all over the open-air museum, and sometimes it's startling to see a piece here, and a piece there -- a head, an arm, a foot.

the huge shoulder of the colossus, with a delicate necklage

and a huge knee, with part of the kilts

We found the foot sitting off by itself, and marvelled at the size. The toenail is almost a foot long. I kept trying to estimate how big the statue would have been, but the pieces were just too big. It must have been enormous! I guessed that it was probably a colossus of Ramesses II, since he was the most prolific pharaoh when it came to statuary, but we didn't know if I was right. I've got a 50-50 chance though -- our guides told us that when someone asks "who did this?" if you don't know, asnwer "Ramesses the Great" and you're probably right!

the foot and three-foot toes (and me and Mr. Fateh)


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