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near Zagazig
dawn to dusk, daily
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2nd intermediate period
dynasty XV
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ramesses I


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Royal Necropolis and Walls, page 4

Walking through the vast grounds, we came upon dozen and dozen of columns and obelisks, most laying here in dissaray. THey aren't in any order at all -- it's not like the buildlings and temple grounds fell here and remained jumbled. It's more as if they were tossed here, carelessly, and left lying where they fell.

Fateh talking about the symbology of obelisks, the precurers to pyramids

the stump of an obelisk, covered in heiroglyphs, with other reconstructed stones

tumbled stones and pieces of buildings

Even though it stormed when we arrived -- everyone walked around with their collars up, shivering in the brief rain shower. The sun came out almost instantly, though, lighting the ruins beauitfully.

columns, some still standing, others with fallen pieces


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