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near Zagazig
dawn to dusk, daily
E£20 entry fee
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2nd intermediate period
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Royal Necropolis and Walls, page 3

There are hundreds of pieces of obelisks and columns at Tanis, of all shapes and sizes. Round columns with lotus bud and lotus flower capitals, tall obelisks (usually broken into pieces), chunks of statues. It's almost as if Tanis is the dump for every lefotver piece of stone in Egypt.

A fallen column (and two of our tourist police escorts)

pieces of statues, the heads and feet are probably around here, too

Some effort has been made to display the pieces, which often sit on concrete bases and have been somewhat re-constructed. However, many times thepieces of a particular statue are scattered across the necropolis. We often found the torso set up in one place, and the head that seemed to match all the way across the field.

No one seems to be working currently to reconstruct the temples or statues here.

a well-preserved torso, one of many lining the walk through the ruins


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