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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Nebre "The Lord of the Sun" , "Re is the Lord"
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen unknown
Nomen Kakaw, Kakau
Manetho Kaiechos, Kaichoos, Choos, Chechous
King Lists Kawkaw, Kaukau
Alternate Names Horus-Nebre, Reneb, Horus-Reneb, Raneb
Dates what's this?
manetho reigned 39 years, although modern sources say 10-19 years, with Hotepsekhemwy and Raneb ruling a total of 38 or 39 years
piccione ? -- 2815 BCE
  2837-2827 BCE
von beckerath 2800-2785 BCE
malek 2765-2750 BCE
redford 2820-2790 BCE
Predecessor Hetepsekhemwy, father or brother
Successor Ninetjer
Associated People
Father, or brother Hetepsekhemwy
Burial Place
Saqqara tomb, but no burial
Possibly a Gallery-B tomb in Saqqara, which belongs to him instead of Hetepsekhemwy.
Tomb in Saqqara, see Hetepsekhemwy

Reneb is assumed to have overthrown his predecessor, Hetepsekhemwy in a military coup. Hetepsekhemwy is either his father or his brother, we do not know.

Very little is known about him, but his name has caused some arguments. He is one of the first kings to incorporate the sun god's name, Re, into his own name, a tradition that will be followed by most of the pharaohs in Egypt. His name, Nebre (or Reneb) is taken to mean either "Re is my Lord{" or "The Lord of the Sun" and in either case he started the shift to the worship of Re, the sun god even though he worshipped Mendes himself.  he started a number of cults to different gods, including worship of Mendes, Menvis, and a cult to the sacred goat in the delta.


A stela of granite, found in Mit Rahina (near the city of Memphis) leads most to believe that his burial place is in Saqqara. The stela would have stood outside his tomb, which may have been the large galleries under the funerary complex of Djoser, which suggests that they were built to incorporate these earlier structures.

His name shows up in a very complex tomb in Saqqara that is assumed to have been built by his predecessor, Hetepsekhemwy. Also, surprisingly, his name has been found at the very southernmost edge of Upper Egypt, in the desert near Armant.




Reneb (Nebre)
Hudjefa I


Gallery B tomb, Saqqara