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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Ninetjer "The One of the God"
Nebty Name Ninetjer "Nebti, The One of the God"
Golden Horus Name Ren Nebu
Praenomen unknown
Nomen unknown
Manetho Binothris, Tlas, Biophis
King Lists

Ba-en-Netjer "The Ram of the God
Ba-netjeru, "The Divine Ba" , Banteru, Netern

Alternate Names Horus-Ninetjer, Wadj-ness, Nnetcher, Ninetjer
Dates what's this?
manetho reigned 47 years
turin canon reigned 9 years
piccione 2815 -- 2778 BCE
  2827-2783 BCE
von beckerath 2785-2742 BCE
malek 2750-2707 BCE
redford 2790-2754 BCE
Predecessor Reneb/Nebre, possibly Weneg
Successor Sened
Associated People
Burial Place
Saqqara; just south of Djoser's Pyramid  (possible)
Tomb in Saqqara, mastabas in Saqqara

Ninetjer ruled from Memphis and is well known, especially through description of the manyh festivals and ceremonies during his reign. Much of this comes from the Palermo stone, which has his name written above the annual events described there, from the 6th through the 20th year of his reign. Manetho says that he ruled for 40 years based on the inscription that showed that the biennial census had been performed for the 17th time. All of these notations refer to events in Lower Egypt.


His name has been found in inscriptions all over Egypt, especially in a number of mastaba tombs in Saqqara that probably belonged to his officials. His name is also in a mastaba at Giza and in Abydos. In Abydos, it was found on a stone piece in the tomb of Peribsen, a later king.

Note that some egyptologists place Ninetjer before Weneg, and other's after him. It is quite possible that they ruled concurrently in different pats of Egypt. And, as shown by the name references above, some may even conclude that they were the same person, with just slightly different representations.

The tomb in Saqqara is small and almost irregular in plan, possibly due to the quality of the bedrock into which it is cut. The corridors are unfinished, suggesting that work began when a pharaoh took office and ceased when he died. However far along the tomb was, that was what it looked like when they sealed it,  The tomb is nearby that of Hetepsekhemwy, but slightly farther away from the Pyramid of unas. It contained thousands of mummies from the Late Dynastic Period and even later -- intrusive burials into the available tomb.





Reneb (Nebre)
Hudjefa I


Tomb, Saqqara