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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Nebkheperre, then Aakenemre, "Spirit of Re", then Auserre "Great and Poewrful like Re"
Nomen Apepi, Ipepi
Manetho Apophis
King Lists  
Alternate Names Apophis, Apopis, Apepy
Dates what's this?
manetho reigned 36 years, 7months
piccione 1610--1569 BCE
egyptsite 1575--1532 BCE
redford 1605-1565
dodson 1585-1545
franke 1574-1534
ryholt 1581-1541
Predecessor probablyKhyan
Successor probably Khamudi
Associated People
sisters Tani and Tcharydjet
daughter Harta
Burial Place

This king is most commonly known by his Greek name, Apophis (and overly familiar to anyone who has seen Stargate). He is very well attested and is considered to have the longest reign of any of the Hyksos kings.

His name is obviously taken from the Egyptian god Apep, the god of -------. He was considered to be a well-educated man, as well, and thoroughly "Egyptianized".

Ipepi obviously ruled during the same period as the kings in Thebes and other provincial rulers. He provoked a war with the king in Thebes (Tao II) by writing a letter complaining that the noise of Tao II's pet hippos (hundreds of miles away) were interrupting his sleep. He was obviously rather insulting about the whole thing, as Tao immediately took up arms and marched to war. This is the start of the war of liberation of the Theban kings. Most believe that Ipepi did not want a war -- and some even posit that he was not responsible for the letter at all, that it was the result of other members of his court or other rulers. The letter, by the way, is in the British Museum.




Khiyan Apachnan