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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Aqen-en-re "The Spirit of Re"
Nomen Khamudi
Manetho Aseth, Assis, Archles
King Lists  
Alternate Names Kamudi, Khamudi, Chamudi, Chamudis
Dates what's this?
manetho reigned 49 years, 2 months
piccione 1569 -- 1560 BCE
egyptsite 1532 -- 1522 BCE
redford 1565-1555
dodson 1545-1535
ryholt 1541-1540
Predecessor probablyIpepi (Apophis)
Associated People
Burial Place
Obelisk in Avaris

Khamudi marked the end of the 15th Dynasty and the "Great Hyksos" kings. He was responsible for the withdrawal of the Hyksos from the Delta after a failed campaign against the Theban king Ahmose I. Ahmose attacked Avaris in about year eleven of Khamudi's reign (about the 18th year of Ahmose's) and the town of Heliopolis was captured.

The following year, Khamudi negotiated for the withdrawal of the Hyksos army from Avaris, but the Egyptian army pushed them from the capitol city and from most of the Delta. Khamudi had already moved most of his people to the coast and up to southern Palestine to avoid the attacks. The Egyptians for several year continued to raid the area and ensure that there was a not a resurgence of Hyksos power in that area. This continued through the 18th Dynasty.

Unlike many of the kings of this foreign Dynasty, Khamudi is mentioned in the Turin canon. Manetho gives him a generous 49 years, which has since been adjusted to a modern estimate of 10-12 years, sometime around 1558 -- 1547 BCE.

Khamudi did leave an obelisk in Avaris, but no other monuments remain.




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