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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Usermaatre Setepenre (Setepenamun) "Powerful is the Justice of Re, Chosen of Amun"
Nomen Pamui "He who Belongs to Bastet", "The Cat":
Alternate Names Pimai, Pami, Pamui, Pimay
Dates what's this?
egyptsite, piccione 783-773
von beckerath 785-774
grimal, arnold 773-767
redford 767-763
dodson 786-780
Predecessor Sheshonq III
Successor Sheshonq V
Associated People
Father Sheshonq II
Mother Tentamenopet
Brother Bakennefi
Burial Place
Probably Tanis

Pami ruled for only five or six years after the long rule of his predecessor, Sheshonq III (who ruled 52 years).

Other than a few statues from Sais, and an inscription that notes he was "Governor of Libyans - Meshwesh", nothing is known about this pharaoh.



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