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Book I:


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The Irish Vowel Is sounded like the phonetic sign i.e., like the vowel sound in the word:
á long au naught
a short a knot
é long ae Gaelic
e short e let
í long ee feel
i short i hit
ó long ō note
o short ŭ done
ú long oo tool
u short u put, full, took

NOTE—Final short vowels are never silent; thus, mine, míle are pronounced min'- ĕ and meel'- ĕ . From the above table it will be seen that a is never like a in fate, e like e in me, i like i in mine, o like o in not, or u like u in mule. The short vowels, as will be seen, are sometimes modified by the following consonant. In giving the vowel-sounds we will follow the western Irish, as the most consistent. The Munster and Ulster sounds of the vowels are treated separately below.


§ 18. Consonants

b, f, m, p are sounded like the phonetic signs b, f, m p in § 16.
d BROAD (see § 8) are sounded like the phonetic sign dh in § 16
t is sounded like the phonetic sign th in §16
g, l, n, r, s, often like g, l, n, r, s in §16



note that
are not
necessarily pronounced
as in English

See § 13-16

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